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Why are all the Sommeliers females? Are you feminists? 

We just happen to be females - there is no statement behind it and we all like to be recognized as Sommeliers and not categorized as a female Sommelier, however together we are female Sommeliers.

How can I be sure that you only use certified Sommeliers?

We interview all our teachers and ask to see proof of certification. You also must remember that the Sommelier business is a small community and we ofter know each other. 

Where can I sign up for inspirational News Letter?  

How often does the Newsletter hit my inbox?

No worries we do not spam you - we do it the European way so 1 per week - and if you do no longer want to receive our newsletter it is easy to unsubscribe.

When are the nexts wine courses launching?

Depending on the Sommeliers we have in our team. Often they work 1-2 full time jobs in the restaurant business and they contribute to this site out of passion. We will make sure to let you know, when new courses are in the making by informing you in our newsletter, so please make sure you subscribe.


Who is behind

Mr. Wolfgang Karl and his wife Mrs. Camilla Plougsted are the couple behind the company. It is Camilla, who is the operating partner in the international business. 


In the Danish business - Wolfgang is in charge of the academic lectures, the company offers. 


Mr. Wolfgang Karl holds a Master in History from The University in Munich, Germany.

Mrs. Camilla Plougsted is certified Sommelier from Denmark and online Entrepreneur.


Do you have wine tastings?

Yes, in Denmark we have several agreements with business, restaurants and hotels, however abroad not yet. But we hope some day soon to be able to offer wine tastings abroad - stay tuned….

Hælde rødvin i glas
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