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Background & History

Denmark is a relatively small country with 5,6 mio inhabitants, however our restaurant business is known world wide because of the Nordic Cuisine and especially the achievements several Danish restaurants have accomplished. 


Copenhagen the capital of DK holds as many as 16 Michelin stars restaurants. Denmark was one of the countries if not the first to work with wine pairing in a way it got noticed. Nowadays it is common that the middle section of good restaurant also offers a winemenu. The focus on pairing food and beverages lift the interest and more restaurants offer juice- or tea menu as non-alcoholic alternative.


Situated in the middle of Copenhagen we wanted to work with wine tasting in a relaxed and informal way. We wanted to do that with a new angle. We got the idea to hold lectures about topics related to wine but held by a historian and at the same time we strive to deliver knowledge about wine in an easy understable language.


The idea was good, but the timing was unfortunate due to COVID-19. Denmark was very fast in Lockdown and the restaurants closed. We continued to work and optimise the concept. Time was suddenly a ressource. A former colleague suggested that we should offer online wine courses. At first we were a little sceptic, because we are used to relate wine tasting as total experience where one uses all senses and often in good company with friends or family. However a wine course does not have to be in real life - it can easily be online.


The holding back disappeared when we started researching the market and quickly found out that the concept we had in mind did not yet exist . We found either virtuel tastings, single online wine courses made for specific areas or information made for professionals in the restaurant business.


We found our niche in the market and startet developing the courses. In order to cover all the wine areas we soon realised that we would need help if we wanted to offer a full palette of courses. We reached out to Mrs. Camilla Plougsted Danish Sommelier network - 10 Sommelier colleagues and it really turned the tables. 


Every single person we reached out to has supported the idea in one way or another. It confirmed more than ever the importance of a great network. It has been fantastic to experience the support and the passion and excitement for the project. 


After a portefolie of approx. 35 wine courses in Danish - it occur to us, that some of the best Sommeliers actually are Danish. In 2014 the Sommelier of the year in UK was Mrs. Kathrine Larsen Robert and Mrs. Bonnie Reinwald is educated DipWSET Sommelier from London. Mrs. Nina Højgaard Jensen, who is also from Denmark achieved to become no. 2 in the World Championship for Sommeliers in 2019. Nina is inspirational to follow and watching her compete is a real joy. In 2020 she won the Danish Championship with her arm in a sling. Nina is respected for her knowledge within the whole restaurant industry.

Mrs. Camilla Plougsted knows Mrs. Kathrine Larsen-Robert and Mrs. Bonnie Reinwald from The Danish Sommelier Education in 2018, where they both lectured. They are involved in the Danish wine courses, so it was only naturally to ask them to extend the cooperation to take it to the next international level.


We are so grateful for their support and their passion for sharing their knowledge with the rest of the world.


So later in 2020 we are proud to present our International business. 

We are planning to engage about 10 Sommeliers from the US and 10 Sommeliers from the UK to join our team to produce online wine courses. We are looking for someone who shares our passion for wine and would be happy to share it with others in a nice online learning environment.


Burgundy (DipWSET Sommelier Bonnie Reinwald)

Bordeaux (Master Sommelier Kathrine Larsen-Robert)


The Team



Camilla Plougsted (Entrepreneur & Digital Content Director)

Simone Sumers (Entrepreneur & Digital Manager)



Kathrine Larsen-Robert (Master Sommelier)

Bonnie Reinwald (DipWSET Sommelier)



Are you our coming female Sommelier? (link til Join the team)



Are you our coming female Sommelier? (link til Join the team)


Are you our coming female Sommelier? (link til Join the team)

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